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Welcome to Havilla

Havilla was not conceived in a day neither was it conceived in a year therefore our aim of making money flow from the rich to the poor must be actuallized before we can boldly say that we are successful.
We understand that many scheme are already causing harm to its participants which is evil and we are here to correct all of those evils. We have designed our system in a way that everybody must get paid. Our model is so perfect that no participant would want to leave the system.

How It works

This is a community of good minded individuals built to foster friendship amongst people via the provision of financial aid to other who are in need of it. Your help to a member put you in the position to as well receive financial aid from other participants whenever you so demand
Here your money works for you in a matter of hours to few days.
Simply provide a help to a participant within the community and earn 300%(+principal) of your investment.
The system provides you with other participants willing to to provide you with help as well when once your donation has been certified true and confirmed by the receipient. We are true, we embrace love, we want to help create a world that impacts lives through the power of giving

Warning: Do not participate if you do not have mobile banking App or internet banking setup

Our Packages


  • 3:1 Matrix
  • Auto Match


  • 3:1 Matrix
  • Auto Match


  • 3:1 Matrix
  • Auto Match


  • 3:1 Matrix
  • Auto Match